AMF Congress 2016

AMF Congress was executed in Asuncion, Paraguay.

35 countries participated in the 10th  Ordinary congress of the AMF. During this congress Dr. Alarcon was re-elected as president, whilst Kurt August Horn Hartvedt from Norway (on the right side below)  was elected as European Vice-President of AMF.  Arsenio Palenzuela from Spain was elected as member of AMF Referee Commitee, and Milan semmler from Czech Republic became member of the AMF Executive Committee.




Upcoming AMF events:

1st Under 17 World Cup, 11th to 20th July 2016 in Paraguay

3rd World Cup for female teams, candidates Catalonia & Morocco, to be selected the host country in July 2016

2nd World Cup under 20, Candidates Colombia and the Confederation Asian Futsal, to be selected the host country in September 2016

12th World Cup, 2019 Argentina.


AMF fixed its agenda for the next 4 years during the 10th Ordinary congress held in Asunción (Paraguay) 1st and 2nd of April 2016.